ParaMatic Software and Development Solutions with Tekla Structures #differentbutbetter

ParaMatic uses Tekla for detailing, design and plant layout. With over 80 years of combined experience in the mining and process sectors, we are pioneering the use of the common model for projects. We aim to automate the drawing office and bring quick, innovative and cost-effective solutions forward.

As approved Tekla developers, ( ) we have built ParaMatic Tekla add-ons to automate repeat design processes including Piping, Conveyors, Gantries, Portal Frame Buildings, Vessels, Tanks, and mechanical components.

Tekla allows:

  • fast modelling and plant layout capabilities with drag and drop and mirroring flexibility without constraints or sketches.
  • fast and easy detailing using the vast collection of tekla connections and macros.
  • renowned tekla reporting, better that any other standard 3d modelling package
  • tekla document management and control
  • instant detailing of drawings including NC files for material preparation
  • seamless interfacing and generation of LOD400 BIM Models
  • Integration with other platforms
  • Customization and API development capabilities
  • Multi-discipline Tekla package integration including Civils and Mechanicals
  • More affordable software solutions with the newly launched subscription service

Our business mission is to streamline and shape every aspect of the drawing office workflow with innovative solutions to automate engineering process. We will speed up design and drawing activities – thus reducing cost, risk and time factors, and helping you to deliver your projects faster.

We have extensive experience in creating workflows and systems to reduce transference between different CAD packages – when moving from a high-level plant layout to the detail design. To achieve this, all of our Engineering is carried out in Tekla Structures. We have successfully created and deployed in-house developments to create automated models to detail level including conveyors and tanks.

ParaMatic Piping for Tekla allows us to route and support piping within the structural model and issue spool drawings and MTO’s instantly. Line specification, line size and in line equipment is library-selected and revision in real time is possible. The integration of ParaMatic Software and Development Solutions with Tekla Structures software enables us to deliver faster, more efficient automated solutions across various industries.

We are all about #automating your engineering and design. Visit our website and contact us to find out more about our solutions and capabilities. We would love to help you deliver faster, more efficient and automated engineering solutions to clients.

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