Digital Future

ParaMatic is working for the future. Industry 4.0 will leave those who hang onto their habits behind, and we wish to project our customers into the future. One of those ways is by upgrading the ways in which we work with 3D modelling and BIM. 

BIM – Building Information Model – should help us to Engineer Once. Currently engineers generally use an approximation of the final model which will be built, leaving us to modify buildings later, cutting into the buildings and randomly assigning pipes after the building has been built. This costs us time, and it costs us money. Not only does it do this, but it has us visiting and revisiting problems which we should need to solve only once. 

BIM   models will one day allow us to Engineer Once, capturing engineering data from every decision and selection in the original model. If we park a decision by placing a dummy model in the BIM model, then we must be able to replace the dummy with fast and easy updates, all the while improving the overall model without losing integrity. 

ParaMatic invites you to explore the opportunities that automation brings us. 

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